Friday, 23 May 2008

Invisible Inc Interview

Wassup, please introduce each of yourself to the readers….

Ghost aka Oddfellow aka Geesus Host, illusive producer. Verbal Thomas aka Big Daddy Verbs, of course Verb T. Kashmere the crackhead aka Iguanaman aka Iguana 7 aka Iguanadon aka bitch shut the fuck up and take this cock!

You guys have been doing a lot of work together over the years so it’s not a huge surprise to see you working on a group project. What was the tipping point that made you decide to actually form as a group?

The group has been there for a while really, we started doing live show’s together sometime in 2003. From then we were all working on other solo projects but after the link was initially made we continued to perform live as a unit. We all got on and had the same vibes so it seemed a natural progression. The first time Invisible Inc came together on a track was for Ghost’s album. A strange irony occurred after we’d chosen the name when we were called in for a medical experiment conducted by an unknown agency.

Kashmere: Fuck I don’t know i'm just here for the bitches and fast cars. Word.

Where does the name Invisible Inc come from?

The name originated from several sources, Kashmere’s Raw styles vol 2 EP was Kashmere aka Invisible Man, as we were working together we all felt a connection from the idea behind the Invisible Man theme and decided for all 3 of us working together we could use the Invisible Men. Invisible Inc is really the extension of the Invisible Men, it’s us as the Invisible Men and other artists involved with us.

It’s often that “super-groups” are talked about but never materialise. What do you think makes you guys different?

We’re special.

This is not 3 guys being put together to do an album, we’re just bringing to people now what we’ve been doing for a while, which is working with each other. If you look back at our discogs you’ll see that. Plus we all get on so there’s no bullshit, apart from the time Kerry Katona was playing us off against each other to be her main squeeze in the Iceland adverts. Kashmere was drawn to her ‘irresistible titties’, Verbs’ more of an arse man so that died down. Ghost was too busy macking hoes to care.

The first track that people may have heard is the Invisible Inc Theme. Ghost, the production on that is a lot different to your previous 12”s and the beats on your album “Seldom Seen Often Heard”. Is that song a true representation of the direction in which this album is going in, production wise?

In that it’s more electronic yes, it gives a hint of what’s to come on the album. But we’re not giving too much away just yet, there’ll be more exclusive taster’s to come before the album is released. But we decided it was time to do something different and push ourselves forward.

What are you using nowadays, equipment wise or is that a big secret?

Mostly the recorder and a guitar synth. I’m just investing in a recorder synth as well. Verbs has also produced tracks for the album, he uses a customised washboard and a triangle with a bassoon. Kashmere didn’t want to be left out, he dropped baselines with his right hand and left armpit.
G: I use my MPC 2000XL, Micro Korg, lots of software synths, Nuendo, a small desk, Rode NT1 mic, dbx pre amp and my brain.
V: I use an MPC 1000, Nord and also my brain.

I understand, features wise you’ve got Dubbledge and Asaviour confirmed for it. You’ve done a lot of work with these guys between you, particularly with Asaviour. If there was anyone you can get, no boundaries, dead or alive who would you have wanted to get on the album?

Jesus, JFK, Gandhi, Sugar Free, Sugar Ray Leonard, Busta Rhymes, Beefy and Taz, Dr Dre, Speak the Hungarian Rapper and all of our Black Brothers, come on. Run DMC, Eddy ‘The Eagle’ Edwards

You are also some of the most prominent artists in UK, releasing regular solo material. Was it difficult to fit this album in around your own solo work?

Yes, we don’t sleep at all, we also work in a circus taming lions and providing councilling for disillusioned clowns. To be a serious for a minute, when you’re working off inspiration everything comes to you easily and I think we were all inspired when making this project.

What label is the album coming out on and what are your expectations for it? How would you gauge it’s success?

We’re gonna probably have a 8 figure deal and be global stars anything less would be a disappointment, but on the plus side Calvin Harris and Lily Allen love us. It’s one of those situations where we want to make sure whoever releases this project understands this is a serious project, despite our childish antics in the interview! We have time to make sure whoever puts the album out will be doing so in the correct way, with the right promotion, distribution and most importantly vision of what can be achieved.

Since it’s early days regarding 08, what music are you looking forward to hearing coming out this year?

The Kashmere album, the Ghost album and the Verb T album, oh yeah and the Invisible Inc album, nothing else. Nothing.

Thanks for the interview….any thing else you’d like to say?

Jokes aside lots of love goes to all our fans and supporter’s all over the world.
Big shout to you for the questions and supporting the movement and music.

One last thing, we’re here to make good music have some fun and enjoy ourselves, along the way we’ll put some serious messages into our music cause you gotta represent all the angles, but if you can’t come out smiling and enjoy what you do what’s the fucking point.

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

DPF- It'll Never Catch on

Everyone should go pick this release up or you're fingers might fall i hear..

DPF is one of the most unique and talented MC"s these shores have to check out the long overdue Full length called "It'll Never Catch On" on Son Records, produced by Tommy Temper & Mr can hear a glimpse of what to expect @

I'd also like to urge you to ignore the idiotic comparisons made to him in certain reviews.....but here are some other people saying how great it is aswell..... (4* in recent HHC magazine)
Interview with the man:

So yeah, go buy it, innit! Or the boogie man dem will come round

Friday, 16 May 2008

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P.Found Music Blog!!

So we're getting up on this blog game....will be all the regular stuff that we had on

Just in blog format!! whilst we sort out something a little more permanent!!

Jump on for the ride..

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