Friday, 18 July 2008

Kashmere & Ghost Live @ Rapsploitation Sessions

Rapsploitation Sessions returned with special guests Ghost & the mighty Kashmere The Iguana man with support from Chrome of the legendary Def Tex.

Before they took to the stage,the venue, The Swan, was entertained by the skills by Rapsploitation Sessions resident DJ's Muddle, Paulo, Ill Inspired & Jimmy Green, who is luckily a DJ and not an MC as he lost his voice and had resorted to communicating through the styles of Charlie Chaplin hand movements. Everyones favourite turntable nerd and expert scratch DJ, Kompoze, also made a guest appearance wowing the crowd with the cuts!

Chrome then took to the stage and set the bar for live performances...all new MC's take note.

In a non stop headnodding & neckbreaking set of boom bip hip hop, Chrome demonstrated his skills on the rhymes, cuts and beatboxing! Featuring guests performances from Ill Inspired and Truth (blink and you'd have missed em), chrome killed it with one of the tightest party rocking sets you'll have seen in a minute!

A few minutes later Kashmere took to the stage who also brought a few friends with him such as Ghost, Maz the red monkey & Cross Bone T who warmed up the crowd for kashmere with a few dope tracks of his own!

Finally kashmere took to the stage and hit the crowd with classic banger after banger with ghost at the wheeels...Definately one of the illest MC's in the country and a dope live show too...accompanied by Ghost on the decks, cutting up the instrumentals (press play DJ's take note) and cross bone t on hype well as the dancing monkey off course.

While all this ill musical shiznit was going on inside.......outisde the UTS graffiti crew were throwing up a dope piece for the heads outside catching some fresh air...

Another Dope Rapsploitation Sessions...keep ya ears open for the next one...14th August with Mr Drastick & Guests with support from local crew Gully Regiment.

Shouts out to everyone that came through to the Kashmere night....Kashmere, Ghost, Maz the red monkey, Cross Bone T, Chrome, Jimmy Green, Paulo, Muddle, Ill Inspired, Kev & UTS graffiti, Damian, Diddy, Joe & Staff @ The Swan, Ezra, Mancini, Gully Regiment, Jow, Arch Co, Roscoe, EA Soldiers, DJ Shumsz, Kelly, Lloyd, Mr Martinez, The Lapdancers and everyone else who showed up! Much course, there's always time for the crew shot :

Video's coming soon...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Kulez : On Da Stand Mix CD out Now!!!

Seasoned Battle MC Kulez finally releases his long awaited mix cd "On Da Stand". He is the only british MC to compete in scriblle Jam and has battled in competitions such as Fight Klub, Jumpoff & many more. The CD features a load of dope tracks (incluidng "World In My Hands" featuring P.Found Music artist Truth). But it now @ His new single "Smell The Tea" will be available on Itunes in the coming weeks!