Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Evidence on Vimby

I'm a big fan of Evidence / Dilated Peoples & a big fan of Vimby.com.
So it's dope theres an evidence feature on vimby!!

Skuff and Inja- Be like you

Found this video from Skuff and Inja of the track "Be like you" which is from the forthcoming lp "The skuff and inja lp"

From what i have heard when they was live at Rapsploitation and various other bits this lp is shaping upto be big so keep ya eyes peeled for it!!!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Diabolical Fancy - "Make U Cry" Free Download

Rapsploitation Sessions first international guests, Diabolical Fancy (Headkrack, Travii The 7th, Keynote, Picnictyme) are giving you all this free download!!Make U Cry - Diabolical Fancy

Check it out!!!

New Kyza Single

Former Terra Firma member and, according to Chester P live at rapsploitation sessions in february, one of the dopest MC's in the country is readying to release he's new album "Shots Of Smirnoff" on Dented Records. Definately agree with Mr Chester P on this one so here are the tracks from he's double a-side single.

New Rapsploitation Sessions Blogger

Introducing....DJ Shumsz
He's a regular at the night, one of the dopest DJs in ipswich (and the UK) and is now blogging on rapsploitation sessions. Since we haven't had the space to let him rock properly at rapsploitation sessions (yet...soon come!)....at least we got him on here digitally!!!

Jaisu Beat Vid

Here is a lil video from champion beatmonster Jaisu, this video is just to show how Jaisu gets down on the MPC. from sample, to chops, to drums, to b-line.

www.louisden.com/bcd to GET YOURS!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

DJ IQ - Pimp My Remix

Ex- Under 18s DMC champ, Ex - Jehst tour DJ, superstar producer and all around talented guy DJ IQ has dropped he's latest mix cd "Pimp My remix" for free online. You can grab a copy here - download.

Dope listen..check it out.
Also check out he's new album with Asaviour "The A-Loop Theory" available to buy here
Definately gunna try get these guys down to Rapsploitation Sessions soon....

Friday, 27 March 2009

Inja freestyle from Rapsploitation sessions aug08[dark picture video]

I just found this lil gem from Rapsploitation sessions back in august 2008 feat inja and skuff, this is the part where inja drops a crazy freestyle over the classic blackalicous instrumental......u can also hear mudd at start rapping original words haha how geek!

The vid is bad quality but the sound is perfect!!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Black Milk live in Manchester

Looks one hell of a show, im gutted i didnt reach the london gig but heres a vid of some clips from his show in manchester!!

All about the T.R.O.Y sample flip sooo dope!!


Rza and ODB live at a talent show vid!!

I stumbled across this vid while on youtube and thought i had to post it. Features a young Rza and O.D.B at a talent show doin there thing....i hope it was the sort of talent show that after there set they had a fella plate spinning!


Saturday, 21 March 2009

Rapsploitation Session 2nd Birthday

Inja and Chester P killing it

Big Daddy Kane FULL documentary!

I saw the trailer...but now they've leaked the full documentary on one of the greatest MC's of ALL TIME. Essential viewing.

Okay, player.

So i'm an avid okayplayer follower.....what they post largely determines what new music i'mma be listening too. This week they posted a couple of DOPE, DOPE, DOPE video's i wanted to share with you including Oddisee's new group Diamond District mini documentary & footage from the second roots "Jam" from NYC"s Highline Ballroom. Check them out and enjoy!

Black Thought, Talib Kweli, & John Forte Jr. from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.

Friday, 20 March 2009

kompoze late night cut vids!

After watching these i just had to share them with you. Here are some sick late night cuts by Rapsploitation sessions fav scratch dj mr Kompoze. For more from him check www.myspace.com/kompoze85 ......enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Statik Selektah interview

DJ Semtex catches up with Statik Selektah backstage at Q-tips london gig......(still pissed i couldn't reach). Statik Selektah is one of the dopest DJ's and producers out right now, definately gunna be a big year for him.


Monday, 16 March 2009

Jay-z: the business, man

Dope article for all you self inspiring business types :
Jay-Z Article

When i grow up i wanna.....

New 88-Keys & Kanye West video directed by Jason Goldwatch!

Certified Banger presents....

New free release "On The Radar" from blogger extraordinaires', certified banger.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Rapsploitation Sessions is Too Good to You!

As if the line up could ever get any better for Rapsploitation Sessions....it just did....
As well as JEHST, MICALL PARKNSUN, DJ JAZZ T, BROTHERMAN, all the usually DJ"s and party rockers...we now have:



All the way from Dallas, US is three very talented MC's & Musicians performing as the group "Diabolical Fancy". Headkrack is best known through his work with the are, battling at scribble jam and as a member of the legendary Erykah Badu's band "The Cannabinoids". He has an album coming out soon and music featured on an up and coming green lantern mixtape.
Travii the 7th is also another greatly talented MC from dallas. Long time rhyming partner of Headkrack, he too has an album coming out soon with a track on green lanterns mixtape.
They are bringing Picnictyme, all three of them make up "Diabolical Fancy" and will be bringin a live outfit of bass, keyboard and two laptops.

Gunna be AMAZING night..make sure you get them tickets early and get to the show early.........can't believe it's still a month away...damn, got a lil while to wait.
Tickets will be available from the swan early next week but are already on sale online @ http://wegottickets.com/event/45816

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rapsploitation Sessions on Twitter

Rapsploitation Sessions is now on twitter....follow what we're doing!!! If you're not on twitter..you can still see what rapsploitation sessions is up to in the widget on the left.......make sure you follow us

Twitter up

Sunday, 8 March 2009

New Brother Ali

Brother ali is one of my favourite MC's.......I'll check ANYTHING he does and throw down money for it before i pay my rent..... better know i got the bootleg cus i'm impatient but i'm going to my local independ record store..hard cash and no credit in hand to buy his new project "Truth is Here" EP.
Here's what he's label rhymesayers say about it...

Nine tracks featuring two highly sought after b-sides and seven new and previously unreleased songs including “Philistine David”, which was featured in the Jonathan Demme directed documentary, Jimmy Carter Man From Plains and “The Believer” a collaboration with Slug of Atmosphere. In addition to the new EP, The Truth Is Here also contains a full length DVD that features Brother Ali’s sold out homecoming performance during The Undisputed Truth Tour at the legendary First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis as well as interviews, a special commentary by Brother Ali, and videos of “Take Me Home” and “Uncle Sam Goddamn” from The Undisputed Truth. The Truth Is Here captures a key period in the career of what many have called one of the most promising voices to emerge from the underground this century and will be a must have for any and every Brother Ali fan. 

Here's the trailer for the DVD..... really looking forward to watching this.

Gangsta Raps for Everyone...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Truth - "Picadilly (Mr Officer)"

New track up @ myspace.com/reggierhythm
"Picadilly (Mr Officer)" Prod. Truth
from the up coming 61 Grace free album.

As i explained @ rapsploitation sessions february show...this is my obligatory 'f@%! the police' track..... but not really..i've had friends who are police, just as much as iv'e had friends who are/were criminals...so i respect both sides of the "hustle".....don't getit twisted, some police are fucked up..maybe more than those that are fair and genuine...but not all are....i'm not doing with stereotyping or labeling collective ideas on a certain "group" or people......

However...i do not like the harassment i've experienced from police...i mean, yeh sure, if i got a bomb on me...you're a hero...but from my point of view, it's fucking embarassing to be stoped and searched in a public place when i'm a righteous MOTHERFUCKER.

So this track derives from a certain incident that happened a couple summers ago @ picadilly train station in manchester (shouts to deepo, the graduate & jun tzu, the bomber..)....an incident that since has repeated itself several times.

hope you enjoy the joint...oh it's produced by me also...so..beats n shit.....ha.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sadat X - True Hip Hop Stories

D-Nice has been doing these for a minute now, the best one i've seen so far is buckshot.....but here's the newest one featuring sadat - x....talking about brand nubian, being in prison and the future of hip-hop.

True Hip-Hop Stories: Sadat X of Brand Nubian from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Heltah Skeltah Freestyle Vid

I am a MASSIVE heltah skeltah fan so once i found this i had to put it up for you all to check!!!


Tartan Bullies[Jaisu and S-Type]!!!

Just found this new vid from scotish beatmakers Jaisu and S-Type, who alot of you may of heard from the louisden beat battles.

They have now teamed up to bring you Tartan Bullies TV on youtube, this is episode one so make sure u keep a eye out for future vids containing ILL Beats and cups of tea a plenty!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Colony - "New Rules"

New video from UK Hip Hop supergroup The Colony - "New Rules" Prod. Conspicuous of the groups upcoming album, planned for a summer release.

You might spot a lil cameo from myself in there if you're eyes are sharp enough....i've heard some cuts of the album, and its gunna be RIDICULOUS....bring a really fresh sound to the table...

"Dead Man Running" Trailer ft. 50 Cent

Now, i'm neither a 50 cent lover or hater...i think he's made a few decent tunes, at the same time, i think his general output is garbage. However i do hold respect to him for his beat choice (shouts to sha money).
Anyway, here's his new film trailer which doens't look too bad.....it's a british film co-starring danny "i'm danny farking dyer" dyer & ashley walters. On some proper, london-gangsta flick which we all love.

Looking forward to it dropping...i'll definately check it (on a bootlegg download probably).

Dwele - Workinonit Video

I bumped this song CONTINUOUSLY when i got the newest Dwele album. And now his done a super-low budget video to his Dilla tribute song.......

The video's concept isn't as good as the songs, but i'ts dope just to see some visuals thrown together for the song, and it's another video in a string of low-budget, DIY, net only videos.

New Suspect Packages Radio Show

Disorda needs no introduction - his work & his site pretty much carry the UK hip hop scene when it comes to selling product and deserves all the props he gets, and some more that he doesn't.
Download or stream it here & check out his blog @ http://suspectpackages.blogspot.com