Sunday, 28 December 2008

Truth - "Take Time" Prod. Sivey

New Truth track up @
"Take Time" produced by the mighty Sivey...who is easily one of the illest beatmakers in this country..

This is another track of the 61Grace project (

Let us know what u think off the track!!
Peace, hope you all had a good christmas and wish you the best for 2009

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Truth - "Been A Long Time" Prod. Prolifik

New music from Truth @

Monday, 10 November 2008

Dirty Sanchez & Real Gangsters Wear Suits

MTV are using Real Gangsters Wear Suits(tom Young & Truth Track) in the new series of Dirty Sanchez called Get High: Pritchard vs. features on the 2nd Episode shot in Mexico. Hit the link below to check it comes in when the boys get in the beetle ;)

Didn't use vocal version...but then they aren't cool enough anyway..
Much props to tom young for hooking it up.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Grimlok - "Magic" Prod. Shears

New Grimlok (of the Colony)

Grimlok - "Magic" (Prod. Shears)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Conspicuous & Evil Ed - The Get Together LP Out Now

Close friend of Rapsploitation Sessions and 2 time appearer, Conspicuous has teamed up with UK Hip HOp Super producer to release "The Get Together" LP.

Always an artist you can depend on for high quality releases....the get together is now different.
You can check it out and buy it @


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rapsploitation Sessions Certified Banger Review

The Rapsploitation Sessions Mix CD just got another review by Certified Banger!!!
Check it out below or on

'Rapsploitation Sessions' - VA - Jimmy Green & Truth (compilation review)

Do not sleep on this release. One of a few compilation/mix CDs around this moment, this one won’t disappoint. Featuring tracks from artists who have performed at Ipswich’s only Hip Hop night Rapsploitation Sessions it’s clear that Truth and Jimmy Green have good taste in music.

The artist album tracks here are the cream of the crop: Mr. Drastick’s Chemo produced ‘Give it Up’, Def Tex’s ‘Bomber’, SonnyJim’s ‘Next Generation’, Reain’s ‘Rap Game’…the list goes on. It’s great to hear a load of good familiar tracks in sequence as chosen by someone else - saves me ripping and burning my own CD. From an album I’ve not yet heard; Precise Da Analyzer and Dubbledge get hilariously mean on ‘Neverland’ (“You’ll never be friends like Joey’s new sitcom”).

The non-album tracks stand up to the already released tunes and there are a couple of proper stand outs. Kosyne’s ‘A Tale of a Tenner’ proves that he’s one to watch as he spins a sordid yarn of crime concerning one ten pound note. Ghost, Verb T and Kashmere debut as Invisible Inc on the lovely end-of-night chill-out vibes of ‘Invisible Inc Theme’. Even host Truth steps up with ‘Body of Work’, produced by Jimmy Green, the CD’s DJ. The new Vinyl Dialect cut ‘Spray’ proves they’ve truly refined their sound whilst preserving the curveball rhymes.

I could go on describing the merits of each of the track on here, I’ve not even mentioned the tunes by Sir Smurf Lil’, Verb T, Stylah, Conspicuous and all the other heads on this release. ‘Rapsploitation Sessions’ is a varied but perfectly sequenced collection of some of the newer stars of UK rap. This one I really will bump repeatedly.

It’s out now on P.Found Music and can be gotten over at Suspect Packages for a barge-in £6.99. I’d buy it so you should too man.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

IP1 Magazine Review Rapsploitation Sessions mix Cd review

If you're not from Ipswich....IP1 is a free magazine distributed around ipswich and it's surrounding area.....doing their bit to support local arts/music etc. Check out what they had to say about the mix CD in their next issue

Following the recent Rapsploitation live shows comes this new compilation CD, mixed by resident DJ/ Ipswich hip hop aficionado Jimmy Green and hosted by award winning MC Truth. If you missed out first time round, the idea was to bring the best of UK underground hip-hop and showcase it alongside the best Ipswich has to offer. And now here's the same deal on your CD player. The standard is blistering, with standout tracks Next Generation by Sonny Jim, Rap Game by Reain and the infectious soul rap One Of Them Days remix by Conspicuous the Coroner all proving that P.Found have great taste in music. Just as important, however are tracks from local boys Truth and Vinyl Dialect, which pack as much punch as any of them. The production's patchy in places but that's a minor fault considering these guys are single handedly putting Ipswich hip-hop on the map.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

TB "Beast From The East" Video

Dope new video from TBear...."Beast From The East". His mixtape of the same name is out now on ottomanelfmusic..pick it up

Monday, 13 October 2008

Mystro - Fuck Da Taxman Release.

MIghty Mystro aKa Mys Diggi, for my money the countries best all round MC, is set to release his new project "Fuck Da Taxman". Those tuned into the British Hip Hop circles will read between the lines on that.

If the launch was anything to go by, it's gunna be another dope release from the Natural Born Spitter........check the video's below for previews.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sir Smurf Lil New Album Launch

What's Going on people....

Good friend of Rapsploitation Sessionns (two times appearer), Sir Smurf Lil's new album is soon to be released on YNR Records.

The launch night is on the 22nd of October so if you're in london i suggest you make ya way down to the Rhythm Factory. If the new album is half as good as Smurfs First, "MyAlpha" we're in for a treat.


News on Rapsploitation Sessions COMING SOOON...........

We should be relaunching the shit in January with a freebie.....just to help you party whilst being broke after christmas and new years......we good to ya'll, we're good to ya'll!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Rapsploitation Sessions On Suspect Packages...GET YOURS!

Rapsploitation Sessions Mix CD now available @
Shouts out to Disorda for supporting!
Here's what they had to say about it:

posted on 09/10/2008 by disorda
P Found Music and Ipswich based club night Rapsploitation Sessions drop a hefty mix CD on us, dropping gems from a whole host of high profile artists that have graced the stage at the infamous event. It's mixed by Jimmy Green and hosted by Truth and features the likes of Stylah, Conflix, Sonny Jim, Invisible Inc, S-Type & Logan, Sir Smurf Lil', Mr Drastick, Skrein and a bunch more heads, good stuff...

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sonnyjim "Trading Standards" Mix CD Out Now on Dented/Eat Good Records

Birmingham MC, Sonnyjim has appeared at Rapsploitation Sessions twice alongside his partner in rhyme and has just released his new mix track, "Next Generation" also features on the Rapsploitation Sessions mix CD (buy on the right>>)
Heres the press release for Sonnyjim - "Trading Standards" Mix CD

Sonnyjim Trading Standards Mix CD out now on Dented / Eat Good

Featuring Foreign Beggars, Soweto Kinch, Kashmere, Jehst, Cappo, Verbal Kent, Stig Of The Dump and many more!.

Production by Beat Butcha, Chemo, Kelakovski, Kosyne, Jon Phonics and many more.
Avaliable directly as a Digipack CD for £9 including postage and packing.

Package deals available direct from the eat good website.
Alternatively you can purchase on-line at the following retailers

iTunes | Napster | Tesco

7 Digital | Juno | TuneTribe | Nokia Music

Right click here and save for a snippet of the mixtape

Right click here and save for the Sonnyjim spotlight on Sarah Love's hip hop M1X show

Thank you for your continued support.

http://www. myspace. com/sonnyjim01

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Rapsploitation Sessions - 14th August 2008 - Inja & Skuff //

This Rapsploitation Sessions story starts 24 hours before the actual night.... Mr Drastick was scheduled to perform with support from Gully Regiment. However, unfortunately Drastick had to cancel due to unforseen circumstances. Rapsploitation Sessions are never one to cancel so we got on the phone and searched for "Rappers I Know" (swipe). After a couple of late night wednesday night calls Inja & Skuff came through to save the night and agreed to perform!
Fast forward and Rapsploitation Sessions is live.....

We started by welcoming back Pikey to the switch after his vacation in the big smoke... to celebrate his return he hit us with a short set of new beatbox material! Sounding better than ever he rocked the crowd with his trademark performance styyyyyyle......greeeeeeeat.
Gully Regiment KILLED the show with a set of their more hip hop orientated stuff and then throwed in a bit of Bassline to get the headsnodding.
After a few technical longggggginesss (serato rah de rah)...Inja & Skuff took to the stage with Toe manning the turntables hitting us with banger after banger...and energetic performance...looking forward to their new projects.
Shouts out to everyone that came through ont he night...Inja & Skuff & Toe (for saving our proverbial bacon), Gully Regiment (Slicer, Makker & Mystro), AC (good to see you again man!), Jimmy Green, Paulo, Muddle, ill inspired, The Swan Staff, Pikey Esq and all people that came through to support!!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Rapsploitation Sessions mix CD OUT NOW!

It's finally here!! Guarenteed to be one of the best mix CD's released in the UK this year......
P.Found Music Presents Rapsploitation Sessions Mix CD Volume 1 (PFM001)
Mixed By Jimmy Green, Hosted by Truth
Full track list and previews can be heard @
1. Intro
2. Give It Up - Mr Drastick
3. Bomber - Def Tex
4. Next Generation - SonnyJim
5. Rap Game - Reain
6. Runway - Logan + S-Type
7. Invisible Theme - Invisible Inc
8. Take Form - Green Bank Formula
9. Body Of Work - Truth
10. Interlude
11. One Of Them Days remix - Conspicuous The Coroner ( Stype & Jaisu remix)
12. Not Cool - DPF
13. More Forward - TB + Jon Phonics
14. Skrizzle - Skrein
15. A Tale Of A Tenner - Kosyne
16. Neverland - Precise + Dubbledge
17. Spray - Vinyl Dialect
18. So What's The Deal? - Sir Smurf lil
19. The Girl Is Mine - Stylah ft. Tony D
20. Remember - Jon Phonics ft. TB, Sir Smurf Lil, Raggo Zulu Rebel
21. Where We Headed - Verb T & Last Skeptik
22. Lemonade - Conflix

You can buy online via paypal for 5 Pounds + P&P

*for some reason the paypal code isn't working on blogspot right now so cop it from !! thank you, sorryfor the inconvenience**

If you live in Ipswich area pick one up from Black Sheep Clothing, The Swan, Millsams, Westworld, Out Of Time. It will be available on a national level soon through the usually independant retailers.

Thanks for your support Truth & The P.Found Music/Rapsploitation Sessions Crew!

Next Rapsploitation Sessions - Mr Drastick & Guests w/ support from Gully Regiment 14th August @ The Swan, Central Ipswich. 4 POUND

Friday, 18 July 2008

Kashmere & Ghost Live @ Rapsploitation Sessions

Rapsploitation Sessions returned with special guests Ghost & the mighty Kashmere The Iguana man with support from Chrome of the legendary Def Tex.

Before they took to the stage,the venue, The Swan, was entertained by the skills by Rapsploitation Sessions resident DJ's Muddle, Paulo, Ill Inspired & Jimmy Green, who is luckily a DJ and not an MC as he lost his voice and had resorted to communicating through the styles of Charlie Chaplin hand movements. Everyones favourite turntable nerd and expert scratch DJ, Kompoze, also made a guest appearance wowing the crowd with the cuts!

Chrome then took to the stage and set the bar for live performances...all new MC's take note.

In a non stop headnodding & neckbreaking set of boom bip hip hop, Chrome demonstrated his skills on the rhymes, cuts and beatboxing! Featuring guests performances from Ill Inspired and Truth (blink and you'd have missed em), chrome killed it with one of the tightest party rocking sets you'll have seen in a minute!

A few minutes later Kashmere took to the stage who also brought a few friends with him such as Ghost, Maz the red monkey & Cross Bone T who warmed up the crowd for kashmere with a few dope tracks of his own!

Finally kashmere took to the stage and hit the crowd with classic banger after banger with ghost at the wheeels...Definately one of the illest MC's in the country and a dope live show too...accompanied by Ghost on the decks, cutting up the instrumentals (press play DJ's take note) and cross bone t on hype well as the dancing monkey off course.

While all this ill musical shiznit was going on inside.......outisde the UTS graffiti crew were throwing up a dope piece for the heads outside catching some fresh air...

Another Dope Rapsploitation Sessions...keep ya ears open for the next one...14th August with Mr Drastick & Guests with support from local crew Gully Regiment.

Shouts out to everyone that came through to the Kashmere night....Kashmere, Ghost, Maz the red monkey, Cross Bone T, Chrome, Jimmy Green, Paulo, Muddle, Ill Inspired, Kev & UTS graffiti, Damian, Diddy, Joe & Staff @ The Swan, Ezra, Mancini, Gully Regiment, Jow, Arch Co, Roscoe, EA Soldiers, DJ Shumsz, Kelly, Lloyd, Mr Martinez, The Lapdancers and everyone else who showed up! Much course, there's always time for the crew shot :

Video's coming soon...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Kulez : On Da Stand Mix CD out Now!!!

Seasoned Battle MC Kulez finally releases his long awaited mix cd "On Da Stand". He is the only british MC to compete in scriblle Jam and has battled in competitions such as Fight Klub, Jumpoff & many more. The CD features a load of dope tracks (incluidng "World In My Hands" featuring P.Found Music artist Truth). But it now @ His new single "Smell The Tea" will be available on Itunes in the coming weeks!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

New Tom Young track featuring Truth - "Real Gangsters Wear Suits"

"Real Gangsters Wear Suits?" - Tom Young featuring Truth.
Recorded @ LIPA Studios.

Check it out @

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Rise - Messages 7" (Futurista Music)

Gotta spread the gospel..improve your life a little...
my homie Rise's 7" is finally out, released by the good peoples @ Futurista Music.
You can hear some of his music @ and cop the release straight from the distributor @

Go on, give it a go, you might just like it!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Stig & Syntax @ Rapsploitation Sessions

Here's some photo's from the last Rapsploitation Sessions with Stig & Syntax, Reain & Rhyme Asylum....thanks for everyone who came out!!! Next rapsploitation sessions - 19th June with Sonnyjim & Kosyne + Kulez @ The Swan, Ipswich.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Invisible Inc Interview

Wassup, please introduce each of yourself to the readers….

Ghost aka Oddfellow aka Geesus Host, illusive producer. Verbal Thomas aka Big Daddy Verbs, of course Verb T. Kashmere the crackhead aka Iguanaman aka Iguana 7 aka Iguanadon aka bitch shut the fuck up and take this cock!

You guys have been doing a lot of work together over the years so it’s not a huge surprise to see you working on a group project. What was the tipping point that made you decide to actually form as a group?

The group has been there for a while really, we started doing live show’s together sometime in 2003. From then we were all working on other solo projects but after the link was initially made we continued to perform live as a unit. We all got on and had the same vibes so it seemed a natural progression. The first time Invisible Inc came together on a track was for Ghost’s album. A strange irony occurred after we’d chosen the name when we were called in for a medical experiment conducted by an unknown agency.

Kashmere: Fuck I don’t know i'm just here for the bitches and fast cars. Word.

Where does the name Invisible Inc come from?

The name originated from several sources, Kashmere’s Raw styles vol 2 EP was Kashmere aka Invisible Man, as we were working together we all felt a connection from the idea behind the Invisible Man theme and decided for all 3 of us working together we could use the Invisible Men. Invisible Inc is really the extension of the Invisible Men, it’s us as the Invisible Men and other artists involved with us.

It’s often that “super-groups” are talked about but never materialise. What do you think makes you guys different?

We’re special.

This is not 3 guys being put together to do an album, we’re just bringing to people now what we’ve been doing for a while, which is working with each other. If you look back at our discogs you’ll see that. Plus we all get on so there’s no bullshit, apart from the time Kerry Katona was playing us off against each other to be her main squeeze in the Iceland adverts. Kashmere was drawn to her ‘irresistible titties’, Verbs’ more of an arse man so that died down. Ghost was too busy macking hoes to care.

The first track that people may have heard is the Invisible Inc Theme. Ghost, the production on that is a lot different to your previous 12”s and the beats on your album “Seldom Seen Often Heard”. Is that song a true representation of the direction in which this album is going in, production wise?

In that it’s more electronic yes, it gives a hint of what’s to come on the album. But we’re not giving too much away just yet, there’ll be more exclusive taster’s to come before the album is released. But we decided it was time to do something different and push ourselves forward.

What are you using nowadays, equipment wise or is that a big secret?

Mostly the recorder and a guitar synth. I’m just investing in a recorder synth as well. Verbs has also produced tracks for the album, he uses a customised washboard and a triangle with a bassoon. Kashmere didn’t want to be left out, he dropped baselines with his right hand and left armpit.
G: I use my MPC 2000XL, Micro Korg, lots of software synths, Nuendo, a small desk, Rode NT1 mic, dbx pre amp and my brain.
V: I use an MPC 1000, Nord and also my brain.

I understand, features wise you’ve got Dubbledge and Asaviour confirmed for it. You’ve done a lot of work with these guys between you, particularly with Asaviour. If there was anyone you can get, no boundaries, dead or alive who would you have wanted to get on the album?

Jesus, JFK, Gandhi, Sugar Free, Sugar Ray Leonard, Busta Rhymes, Beefy and Taz, Dr Dre, Speak the Hungarian Rapper and all of our Black Brothers, come on. Run DMC, Eddy ‘The Eagle’ Edwards

You are also some of the most prominent artists in UK, releasing regular solo material. Was it difficult to fit this album in around your own solo work?

Yes, we don’t sleep at all, we also work in a circus taming lions and providing councilling for disillusioned clowns. To be a serious for a minute, when you’re working off inspiration everything comes to you easily and I think we were all inspired when making this project.

What label is the album coming out on and what are your expectations for it? How would you gauge it’s success?

We’re gonna probably have a 8 figure deal and be global stars anything less would be a disappointment, but on the plus side Calvin Harris and Lily Allen love us. It’s one of those situations where we want to make sure whoever releases this project understands this is a serious project, despite our childish antics in the interview! We have time to make sure whoever puts the album out will be doing so in the correct way, with the right promotion, distribution and most importantly vision of what can be achieved.

Since it’s early days regarding 08, what music are you looking forward to hearing coming out this year?

The Kashmere album, the Ghost album and the Verb T album, oh yeah and the Invisible Inc album, nothing else. Nothing.

Thanks for the interview….any thing else you’d like to say?

Jokes aside lots of love goes to all our fans and supporter’s all over the world.
Big shout to you for the questions and supporting the movement and music.

One last thing, we’re here to make good music have some fun and enjoy ourselves, along the way we’ll put some serious messages into our music cause you gotta represent all the angles, but if you can’t come out smiling and enjoy what you do what’s the fucking point.

Check out Invisible Inc @

Sunday, 18 May 2008

DPF- It'll Never Catch on

Everyone should go pick this release up or you're fingers might fall i hear..

DPF is one of the most unique and talented MC"s these shores have to check out the long overdue Full length called "It'll Never Catch On" on Son Records, produced by Tommy Temper & Mr can hear a glimpse of what to expect @

I'd also like to urge you to ignore the idiotic comparisons made to him in certain reviews.....but here are some other people saying how great it is aswell..... (4* in recent HHC magazine)
Interview with the man:

So yeah, go buy it, innit! Or the boogie man dem will come round

Friday, 16 May 2008

Pre-Order Rapsploitation Sessions Mix CD!

Be The First to own Rapsploitation Sessions Mix CD!! It'll make you popular! And not quirky 80's fashion and oversized popular!!
£5 + p&p
Will Be shipped out 29th May!

£5 + £1 p&p

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

P.Found Music Blog!!

So we're getting up on this blog game....will be all the regular stuff that we had on

Just in blog format!! whilst we sort out something a little more permanent!!

Jump on for the ride..

Posted by Truth