Sunday, 17 August 2008

Rapsploitation Sessions - 14th August 2008 - Inja & Skuff //

This Rapsploitation Sessions story starts 24 hours before the actual night.... Mr Drastick was scheduled to perform with support from Gully Regiment. However, unfortunately Drastick had to cancel due to unforseen circumstances. Rapsploitation Sessions are never one to cancel so we got on the phone and searched for "Rappers I Know" (swipe). After a couple of late night wednesday night calls Inja & Skuff came through to save the night and agreed to perform!
Fast forward and Rapsploitation Sessions is live.....

We started by welcoming back Pikey to the switch after his vacation in the big smoke... to celebrate his return he hit us with a short set of new beatbox material! Sounding better than ever he rocked the crowd with his trademark performance styyyyyyle......greeeeeeeat.
Gully Regiment KILLED the show with a set of their more hip hop orientated stuff and then throwed in a bit of Bassline to get the headsnodding.
After a few technical longggggginesss (serato rah de rah)...Inja & Skuff took to the stage with Toe manning the turntables hitting us with banger after banger...and energetic performance...looking forward to their new projects.
Shouts out to everyone that came through ont he night...Inja & Skuff & Toe (for saving our proverbial bacon), Gully Regiment (Slicer, Makker & Mystro), AC (good to see you again man!), Jimmy Green, Paulo, Muddle, ill inspired, The Swan Staff, Pikey Esq and all people that came through to support!!

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