Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Next Rapsploitation Sessions Line up

American Bboys In London Reality Show

So, as many of you may be aware, Raspsploitation Sessions helped organise a UK Tour for american artists, Headkrack, The Bodega Brovas & Diabolical Fancy. It went down between 14th - 19th April 2009 and was AMAZING...they murdered every show...specifically Rapsploitation Sessions in Ipswich.
They are putting all the video's together into a series of mini-episodes. Hip Hop Reality TV at it's best.... Below are the first two episodes where the guys lose a seat on the plan, Picnictyme gets put on another plane, Fishr offers to fly the plane to gain a seat & they finally arrive in England

Episode 1

Episode 2

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


From what we've heard...this compilation is BANGING.... I might as well leave the press release to tell you how good it is - 

Release Date: 25th MAY 2009

YNR Productions is undeniably one of the most respected, visited and followed sections of the zoo. With consistently amazing displays of skill and dexterity, and holding some of the most powerful gorillas in its mist, YNR has put together a hairy torso of work to show the United animal Kingdom precisely whats pooping at the zoo. 

Rare species like 
MYSTRO, JEHST, KYZA, SONNYJIM, DJ IQ, JACK FLASH, SIR SMURF LIL, THE LAST SKEPTIK, VERB T, KASHMERE, MICALL PARKNSUN and CAPPO all make their appearances with particularly fascinating and previously unheard calls of the wild. 

This collection of songs is nothing less than the sound of the wilderness, with its unkempt, dirty jungle rumbles and undeniable prowess. Don your macs, buckets of kibble and fish snacks or prepare to get fed to the lions

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jimmy Green - Jimstrumentals FREE DOWNLOAD

Free download from Rapsploitation Sessions resident, JIMMY GREEN, "Jimstrumental"

Jimstrumentals is a beattape/mixtape of unfinished beats, some with classic UK acapella's over the top. It's a dope listen, 42 tracks for ABSOLUTELY FREE....... download here

Joker Starr "Raw Spittage"

Joker Starr - "Raw Spittage Free Download Here

Make sure you keep an ear open for his new shit including a DOPE track on the new YNR Compilation "Feeding Time At The Zoo".

Monday, 20 April 2009

JEHST @ Rapsploitation Sessions Re-Cap -SOLD OUT AGAIN!

Just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to Rapsploitation Sessions last night...was a dope night. That was the quickest we've filled up the venue...was nice to see a queue outside waiting....if i weren't stressed to hell..we'd have been on our rock star shittt!!! Anyway.....

We started with a HEAP of set backs on the day...everything that could be going wrong seemed to be going wrong, but we got through it.....we unfortunately couldn't set the stage up in time due to all the stresses...but a live night was still had by all

Brotherman tore it down with Stranger & DJ Flips!!!! Brotherman is one of the dopest acts coming up so chck out his album The Light / THe Dark.

The Bodega Brovas & Diabolical Fancy all the way from Dallas USA, murdered it..... they loved the response from the crowd and told me it was one of the top shows they've done. Baring in mind they've toured the whole of the USA, the crowd really repped for ipswich and hip hop in the uk!!..Biggup your self.

Jehst then took to the stage, hitting with all the classis and the new shit.....he brought along Micall Parknsun and Jyager who were dope as hell.....What more would you expect from a Rapsploitation Sessions night?

All in all, everyone represented from the crowds to the DJ's to the performers and the graffiti outside.

Biggup everyone that came along..

On a negative note...the toilets got vandalised...people tagged it up and because of this we've had to pay to get it removed and cleaned........that shit aint cheap.........I'm sure you can respect It's hard enough to keep british hip hop nights going and these things are not helping it so if you enjoy the nights please respect the premises. We wouldn't be able to get the artists we do without the swan's help and it's highly disrespectful.

Thank you for supporting rapsploitation sessions - keep on
Shout outs to : Jehst, Micall Parknsun, DJ Jazz T, Jyager, Brotherman, DJ FLips, Stranger, Brothermans mum!, Bodega Brovas, Diabolical Fancy, Keynote, Travii The 7th, Headkrack, PicnicTyme, DJ Fisherpryce, Nero, Delano, Paulo, ill Inspired, Muddle, jimmy Green, Diddy & Damian & The Swan Staff, Shumsz, Jow, Joe Sharman, Martin Yew, Carl Best, Sam Barker, UTS Grafiti Crew and everyone who came out and partied with us - everyone had a great time/

Next rapsploitation sessions = June 18th with MYSTRO ( + more tbc...we'll let you know when the tickets are available.....we going for a hatricks of sell outs with this one!!!

Photo's of the night by Sam Barker :


Friday, 17 April 2009

Diamond District - In The Ruff

Shumzs's first real post!! Fresh New Music

In The Ruff is the highly anticipated debut album from new DC hip hop group “The Diamond District”, created by state veterans Oddisee, X.O. & YU. In The Ruff is the answer for any lover of hip hop who asks the question - “Where did that grimy East coast sound go?”

In The Ruff is a raw mid-90’s Boom-Bap themed album for the DC state of mind, destined to appeal to all lovers of hip hop’s golden era, managing to travel back in time and push the boundaries of DC Hip-Hop simultaneously.


Monday, 13 April 2009


Wassup people,

Just reminding about thurs....going to be a BIG night. Tickets are pretty much sold out. There might be a few spots on the door, but if you haven't got tickets already it's best to get them now....or wait at the door for 7/7:30pm!!!!!
Tickets @ the swan or online @

Your choice if you wanna risk it!

FIRST 25 PEOPLE THROUGH THE DOOR GET A FREE JIMMY GREEN MIX CD "JIMSTRUMENTALS" - all original beats, some classic UK acapella's over the top of em.


There will also be troutwear "Rapsploitation Sessions" tee shirts available to get a free Rapsploitation Sessions mix Cd if you buy a tee.

The americans are bringing over some merch too including heaps of sick CD's & some dope limited "I Love Real Hip Hop". If you buy a tee shirt for 14 pounds you get a free CD of your choice from them + a rapsploitation sessions mix CD......... imma be wearing mine!

See you there, gunna be an incredible night!!!!!
Doors open @ 8pm.

Rapsploitation Sessions Team


Organized Konfusion are one of my favourite hip hop's dope to see some early footage from them :

Friday, 3 April 2009

DJ Snips in New York

DJ Snips, producer, promoter & DJ has moved from London To New York to try build on he's success....he's blogging everything he's doing....check out the first video.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Free Music - Headkrack/Bodega Brovas/Diabolical Fancy


We've got a few american artists coming over for our next Rapsploitation Sessions show (the nights i run in ipswich - next one, 16th april, with jehst, brotherman, and these guys).....
They wanted to give everyone over here some music before the come over and play so here's a hip hop bumper pack

Headkrack "Talent Is My Gimmick" -
Headkrack - "One Man Army" -
2 Unreleased Diabolical Fancy tracks (Picnictyme & Headkracks group)
3 Unreleased Bodega Brovas tracks (Headkrack, Travii The 7th & Keynote group)

They have worked with : Erykah Badu, Kidz in The Hall, Scarface, Devin The Dude, Kid Cudi, Johnny Polygon, K-Otix & more...

For all you bloggers/DJ's please share these projects and if you'd like to interview them.... contact me @


Mos Def- A fan of MF Doom

I am a MASSIVE fan of MF Doom and it appears so is Mos def!

Here is a vid i found of Mos Def goin over his fav doom verses and how he would bet a million dollars on Doom against lil Wayne "while u shutting up put a shirt on at least a button up"

Dooms new lp "Born like this" is out now on lex recordings and is available from all the usual suspects!