Tuesday, 21 October 2008

IP1 Magazine Review Rapsploitation Sessions mix Cd review

If you're not from Ipswich....IP1 is a free magazine distributed around ipswich and it's surrounding area.....doing their bit to support local arts/music etc. Check out what they had to say about the mix CD in their next issue

Following the recent Rapsploitation live shows comes this new compilation CD, mixed by resident DJ/ Ipswich hip hop aficionado Jimmy Green and hosted by award winning MC Truth. If you missed out first time round, the idea was to bring the best of UK underground hip-hop and showcase it alongside the best Ipswich has to offer. And now here's the same deal on your CD player. The standard is blistering, with standout tracks Next Generation by Sonny Jim, Rap Game by Reain and the infectious soul rap One Of Them Days remix by Conspicuous the Coroner all proving that P.Found have great taste in music. Just as important, however are tracks from local boys Truth and Vinyl Dialect, which pack as much punch as any of them. The production's patchy in places but that's a minor fault considering these guys are single handedly putting Ipswich hip-hop on the map.


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