Friday, 13 February 2009

Rapsploitation Sessions 2nd Birthday with Chester P!

Happy Birthday To Rapsploitation Sessions!
Since it was our birthday, we had to do it big style, and what better else to have the promoter (hi, haters) performing and support one of UK Hip Hop's legends in Chester P...he brought along with him another legend in these parts (i could name 100 people i know who got into uk hip hop through the ten pound bag mixtapes) louis slipperz, and inja, from the cambridge collective Delegates of Culture!
Since Rapsploitation Sessions is big in the game - we off course sold out of tickets and had to turn a lot of people away. A few of you have good blag games and got in, because rapsploitation sessions respect the gift of the gab.

It was a great party had by all....Chester P KILLED IT, but i don't need to tell you that.....the guys a legend.

Thanks to the whole crew, Billy Bollox, Jimmy Green, Paulo, Muddle, Damian & Swan Staff, Chester Inja, Louis Slipperz, Shumsz and everyone who came, new heads & rapsploitaton sessions veterans...the next one will be even bigger!

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